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Many, many moons ago, long before we had airplanes, (and indoor plumbing), explorers from all over travelled far and wide in hopes of discovering new worlds. The sailors needed to know the general direction they were going so, to keep track of their way, they charted the stars in the night sky. They took a look up at that vast blackness, and used a little bit of imagination to see shapes in the stars, known as constellations. They had very vivid imaginations obviously, because some of the things they came up would stretch even the greatest comprehension...
Now, we know what you're asking yourself..."Is any of that true?" To answer that we say: "Who knows? We just made something up to fill space on the site. But it sounded good, didn't it?"

But yes, there was some truth to that. Constellations ARE groups of stars. You may already know of some: Cassiopeia, Draco (compliments of the movie Dragonheart), the big and little dippers, Saggitarious, Orion...but however many you know, times that by ten and that's how much more information there is on constellations and the stories behind them. Lots of information isn't it? We think so too, so get started!
First Click on Greek Mythology Constellations at the top of the screen. When you come to the Roman Mythology Constellations click the appropriate link at the top of the screen. To return here and read these directions again after you've ventured onto one of the top links, just click the bouncing star at the top.
Now, click Greek Mythology Constellations at the top of the screen to venture into the vastness of stargazing!